Assistant Professor

Department of Biological Engineering, The University of Idaho

Director – Neurophysiological Imaging and Modeling Laboratory (

Address : 875 Perimeter Drive MS 0904, Moscow, ID 83844-0904


Dr. Bryn Martin is an Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering and Director of the Neurophysiological Imaging and Modeling Laboratory ( at The University of Idaho.  Martin conducts clinical translational research that develops and applies advanced MR imaging, laboratory bench-top experiments and computational modeling techniques to investigate the pathophysiology of CNS disorders from a hydrodynamic and biomechanical perspective and develop related medical technologies. Prior to joining The University of Idaho, Dr. Martin served as Director of the Conquer Chiari Research Center at the University of Akron (2012-15), completed post-doctoral training at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (2009-12) and earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (2008). Martin has been employed in a number of medical device companies and is an active medtech inventor and consultant. He serves on a number of international research committees in the field of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics and CNS diseases.

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