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Why become a member?

You are encouraged to join the Society to promote international exchanges, worldwide representation, and stimulating research and debate.

As a member of the Hydrocephalus Society, you will be part of a Society that supports an environment which ensures ethical, high-quality care for patients with hydrocephalus in both the developed and developing worlds by advancing public education and awareness.

As a member you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Abstracts of Hydrocephalus Meetings
  • Members’ directory
  • Accesss to the “only-members corner”
  • Quarterly scientific “Hydrocephalus Society Newsletter”
  • Video minutes of Hydrocephalus Meetings
  • 25% Discount for Publications at Fluids & Barriers of the CNS journal
  • Special Discount for the Annual Hydrocephalus Meeting
  • Right to participate in the General Assembly of the Society
  • Global networking
  • The chance to meet our Board Members, exchange ideas and participate on a series of activities of the Society
  • The chance to invite the Hydrocephalus meeting in your respective country

Our successful meetings took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2006, Hannover, Germany, in 2008, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, in 2009, Crete, Greece, in 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark in 2011, Kyoto Japan in 2012, Athens Greece in 2013 and Banff, Canada in 2015.

The 8th Meeting of the International Society of Hydrocephalus and Cerebrospinal fluid Disorders took place in Cartagena, Colombia in October 2016. Participants had the opportunity to get to know Cartagena, a fantastic and romantic city on the Caribbean, that guards the secrets of history in its balconies and old buildings.

Our 9th Meeting in Kobe, Japan, was characterized as an absolute success. 2018 we visited Bologna, Italy and held an excellent meeting. We now eagerly await our next meeting, scheduled to be held in Vancouver, Canada in September 2019. Just a few days before the Meeting, we are positive the 2019 congress will continue the great success of the previous meetings. Again, the world’s leading researchers in the areas of hydrocephalus and CSF disorders will be actively involved in its preparation, and specialists who are significantly contributing to the progress of the field will be invited to address the assembly.

We would be happy to welcome YOU in Vancouver in September!